Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Little Things

Hey guys, so I've been incredibly busy. It's finals week, but I'm finding time this Mother's Day to write a new blog post!!

I want to start a series...It's going to be called "Unquestionable" and I'm just going to go over some things in the bible and some things from God that are absolutely unquestionable. Things that are sure and never changing, cause we sure have a lot of confused Christians these days (myself included).. so I think bringing clarity and revelation in some areas can be beneficial.


So, this verse has been on my heart for a while, and I actually got the clearance from God this morning at church that He wanted me to go ahead and write about this...haha.

[James 1:17] Every good gift and perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. 

This verse means that EVERY good and EVERY perfect gift is from above. It comes from God and the heavens. The verse goes on to say that with Him, there is no change and there is no turning away. He never casts a shadow over us, He continually shines His light on us, and He never changes because He is faithful. 

From this, I think it opened my eyes to just how much God really gives us and how much good we actually have in our lives. Sure, bad things do happen to us because of other humans and their free-will and because God's will allows the devil to intervene in order to teach us things and ultimately glorify Him. However, there's so many little things that are so good and they come from heaven.

The Basics.
Your life is a gift from God. Your breath, your sight, your body, your health, your knowledge, your faith, YOUR GOD, your family, your mother, your father, your children, your friends, your marriage etc. The list goes on and on.

The Materials.
Everything that is perfect and good: flowers, trees, nature, water, animals, homes, beds, food, books, THE BIBLE and just anything that you enjoy and love that is even so much as "man-made" and materialistic... that is from God himself. 

The Little Things.
Even the little things are from God. The unexpected things. The good days, the good times and great memories. EVERY thing that is perfect. Laughter, smiles, joy, happiness, peace, relaxation, beauty... all of it. Most of all: opportunities! 

When God gives you the opportunity to do something, TAKE it and RUN with it. That is so good and such a perfect gift. 

And in all of this THANK God. All of this gives you the opportunity to thank Him and praise Him. Show God that you see what He is doing and what He has done... and let Him know you cannot wait for what He will do! It's just like your parents. You have to let your momma know you love her and you thank her for everything she does for you and gives to you. God wants to be appreciated just like any other mother or father.

You wake up with a new day, thank God. You make someone laugh or smile, thank God. God gives you the opportunity to help someone in need, take the chance and also, thank God for it. You make a good grade on your test, thank God. You and your sister got along today, thank God. IT IS THE LITTLE THINGS even with Him. God loves the little things!!!

So, you don't have to question if your good day was from you or from another human making it great... it was from the Lord. You shouldn't question any good thing... good grades... nothing. It is from Him and Him alone. He supplied you with the wisdom and the opportunity. He gives you all abilities and He gives you everything. 

Also meaning, if you need something that is good, ASK HIM with a whole heart and you shall receive. It is that simple. As long as it fits His will.

And when you're feeling down, remember those little things. 
You are alive and you are breathing His breath. You've got a day filled with opportunity. 

Have a Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, and if you're not a mother make sure you thank God for yours and let her know she's special to you!

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